Using our 100 years of expertise, we craft the best quality candles to fill your home with appealing fragrance and inviting candlelight. Safe, clean-burning and long-lasting, our candles will put a smile on your face.

All Our Wax Is:
  • Made with our proprietary wax formula, a custom blend of high-quality natural wax and food-grade paraffin.
  • Wax blend is free from harmful impurities
  • All fragrances comply with worldwide safety standards
  • Our candles are made using lead-free 100% cotton wicks


  • Premium quality candle infused throughout to deliver fine fragrance from first light to last
  • Features a large melt pool for the best fragrance lift
  • Topped with an embossed metal lid and wrapped in an artfully designed label inspired by a vintage botanical print
  • Available in all of our Signature fragrances, specially formulated to complement each other in any combination
  • Burn time: 25-45 hours
  • The World’s Brightest Candle™ – only available at PartyLite!
  • Exclusive technology only available at PartyLite. Enjoy and instant, all-over glow!
  • Each candle is individually hand-crafted so slight variations in glow and colour may occur which will not affect the quality of the candle
  • GloLite pillars offer a light fragrance throw while jar candles offer a stronger fragrance throw
  • Burn time 50-100 hours depending on size - See catalogue for details
  • Custom-engineered tealight cup design allows the candle wax to pool at the centre for an even burn with total consumption – no wasted wax.
  • Exclusive candle wax blend liquefies for a beautiful visual effect.
  • 4-6 hours of shimmering ambience.
  • Our votives also liquefy when lit.


  • Custom votives shape features a special bell-top design that allows the wax to fully consume – no wasted wax!
  • Up to 11 hours of burn time – great for bringing fragrance and a beautiful shimmer to your room.
  • Tealights and Votives are available in most of PartyLite's exclusive fragrances as well as unscented white.
Fresh Home by PartyLite

Freshen every room in your home with wonderful, welcoming fragrances made with natural essential oils and patented NEOFRESH technology to eliminate odours. For use in any room and on fine or delicate fabrics.

The Fresh Home product range is available in these forms: Jar Candle, SmartBlends, Linen & Room Spray, Universal Tea-lights, Votive Candles, Scent Plus Melts, SmartScents and SmartBlends

Available in: Tropical Breeze, Citrus Nectar, Lavender Sandalwood, Perfect Pet, Aloe Eucalyptus

  • Each Wooden wick burns with a firewood crackling sound and comes in a Faux bois Jar design. Where crackling wooden wicks meet exclusive woodsy fragrances
  • 40 - 60 hour burn time
  • Available in 3 woodsy Fragrances - Island Driftwood (NEW), Coconut Teakwood (NEW), Tamboti Woods.



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